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Thu, 05 Sept


Full Power HQ

Full Power Cacao Facilitator Training - SOLD OUT

Become a FULL POWER CACAO CEREMONY FACILITATOR - with Liam Browne and Paulina Amora - by completing our Master of Ceremonies Level 1 Training Course and begin holding your own Cacao Ceremonies with FULL POWER CACAO.

Full Power Cacao Facilitator Training - SOLD OUT
Full Power Cacao Facilitator Training - SOLD OUT

Time & Location

05 Sept 2024, 13:00 BST – 09 Sept 2024, 13:00 BST

Full Power HQ, Rhydlewis, Llandysul SA44 5RE, UK

About the event

The Cacao Facilitator Training is non-refundable, non-transferable.

So please be 100% committed if you wish to attend.


Master of Ceremonies Level 1

A Cacao Ceremony Training like no other!!

Learn how to create and hold your own unique Cacao Ceremony with integrity and grace!

Come and join us for a deep dive into the magical healing world of Lady Cacao!

WITH EXPERT GUIDANCE AND TUITION from Liam Browne with 12 years of Cacao Ceremony Experience and Paulina 'Amora' Griffin who has been co-facilitating Liam's Ceremonies for the last three years and is also one of the finest healers on the planet.

The Training will take place on our Land in the beautiful countryside of South West Wales. More detailed location information will be given on booking.


With this profound and practical Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training guidance and instruction with the Master of Ceremony himself Liam Browne & co-facilitator Paulina 'Amora' Griffin, a Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer and Trained Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.

This Training will open your heart more deeply, remove unhelpful obstacles, and show you the stuff you need to release.

Prepare to be positively stretched and step beyond any self limiting beliefs and identities. You are the person you have been waiting for!!

Accomodation is Glamping in our Camping area.

Upgrade your life while learning to deliver your own authentic Cacao Ceremony

Reveal Your Own Unique Cacao Ceremony:

We are providing a perfectly designed course of profound and practical Cacao Ceremony guidance and instruction.

If you are looking to learn how to host a Cacao Ceremony or incorporate the sacred plant medicine Cacao into your current work then this is the training for you. Come and join us for a deep dive into the magical healing world of Lady Cacao and become a FULL POWER CACAO CEREMONY FACILITATOR. It will be an adventure of pure bliss and healing, deepening your understanding of Cacao, the mystery, the magic, the healing energy, the consciousness and the sacred elements.

This Training will open your heart more deeply, remove unhelpful obstacles, and show you the stuff you need to release.

Prepare to be positively stretched and step beyond any self-limiting beliefs and identities. This is a training where you upgrade so that you can upgrade all your clients and community. As we grow everyone grows.

This event is purposefully set in the beauty of nature so that the sacred plant medicine Cacao can help you develop or rediscover your connection to the earth which should always be steady and joyful.

Once confident, with the necessary skills, you will be prepared to go out into the world and start spreading the healing, heart-opening magic of Cacao. Full Power!!!


  • Holding ceremonies that are aligned and authentic to practice.
  • Integrate into your offering the power of the sacred medicine which is Cacao.
  • Working with authentically grown Cacao sourced from Venezuela.
  • Become a qualified Full Power Cacao Facilitator, 'Master Of Ceremonies Level 1' .
  • Develop your own authentic style & ceremony.
  • Learn daily practices which support your mind & body temples.
  • Grow your network & collaborate with like-minded people.
  • Understand how to run a Spiritual Business profitably.
  • Enjoy healthy, freshly prepared vegan meals & snacks.
  • Be nurtured in beautifully supportive surroundings.
  • Develop beyond the training with our unique 30 day tapas for graduates.
  • Receive discounts off all your future Full Power Cacao purchases.
  • Gain ongoing support & ideas from the Full Power Cacao ceremonial community.
  • Training directly with the Master of ceremonies, Liam Browne

These are not your ordinary Cacao Ceremonies. These are magical experiences that integrate your gifts, your power, your uniqueness. This training is created in determination to bring positive growth to people's lives. The training will catapult you towards your own personal greatness whilst holding space for other's growth and the powerful plant medicine that is Cacao.

You will be guided by none other than Liam Browne himself, who has a direct lineage with the Chocolate Shaman Keith who he met in Guetemala in 2012. With ten years experience of holding Cacao Ceremonies and now with his brand FULL POWER CACAO which is now classes as one of the finest Ceremonial Grade Cacao's on the planet, Liam is on a mission to bring and share Cacao with the entire globe. Through dedicated and devoted practices, Liam is a highly trained Spiritual Coach, author, podcaster, retreat-holder and co-founder of STONE COLD SOBER events, and the founder of FULL POWER CACAO -a Ceremonial Grade Cacao Brand with the vision and mission to share the magic that is Cacao and open hearts everywhere.


Paulina Griffin is a naturally gifted, high vibrational, Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer. She channels through her higher self Amora to bring about deep, loving and profound healing to her clients.  She is overlighted by the Seraphim Angels and her celestial team who bring in a serene blissful energy.  She also uses her healing in multiple ways through cacao ceremonies, sound baths, shamanic journeys and workshops.


  • You'll learn how to create a container of sacred space to honour the great plant medicine Cacao.
  • Tuition on how to translate your own unique gifts into a Memorable Cacao experience for others.
  • Understanding all the aspects which lead to delivering the perfect ceremony.
  • The Business of Cacao, this training has been uniquely developed with your empowerment and success in mind. A qualified facilitator can recoup the full financial investment from running only two successful Cacao events.
  • Learning How To Incorporate The Magic Of Cacao Into Your Current work
  • Introduction To Basic Breathwork To Create Receptive States
  • Training From Two Vastly Experienced Facilitators
  • Learning Eastern Meditation Techniques
  • Experience The Joy Of Kirtan & Mantra
  • Resonant Shamanic Drumming
  • Quality Vegan Food
  • Introduction To Cold Water Therapy, In The Enchanted Woods
  • Daily Yoga Practice
  • An Opportunity For, Personal Skills Development, Change & Transformation
  • Join A Conscious Network Of Like Minded People Looking To Inspire Others Through Ceremony and Cacao
  • Opportunity To Gain FULL POWER CACAO FACILITATOR Master Of Ceremonies Level 1 Training Certification
  • Gain A Practical Approach To Your Cacao Business Development
  • Taking the next step on your personal & professional healing journey
  • You Will Be Invited To Your Groups Graduate Ceremony To Celebrate Your New Masters of Ceremonies Qualification Where You'll Receive Your Certificate.

You will leave feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and with a new thirst for life knowing you have just experienced something super, super powerful that you can now share with others.

You are the person you have been waiting for!

Now go forth with Cacao at your side and spread your magnificence with the world.


  • 5 Insightful Days of intensive training (in-person) & 30 days Tapas (online)
  • All the training material, workbooks, login to material
  • Cacao Ceremony Business Training
  • Expert tuition by highly qualified professionals
  • Morning yoga sessions
  • Cold water therapy to reset the nervous system
  • Meditation sessions
  • Cacao certification & qualification to become a "Master of Ceremonies"
  • Thirty day post training mentorship and support
  • After training support
  • A community of graduates that support one another in facilitating ceremonies all over the country.
  • Become a FULL POWER CACAO Brand Ambassador (optional) with 20% off FULL POWER CACAO products for life
  • Graduate Ceremony
  • "Masters of Ceremonies" Cacao Facilitator Certificate





The journey continues as you take your ceremonies out into the World.

We are great believers in community and will let you know what the ongoing support looks like during the training, suffice to say it will be FULL POWER.

You are well supported throughout the entire experience. This training is designed to bring you to fullest potential and power to help others, share your gifts and practices and to upgrade your earthly-experiences.


You can come as you are, however we ask you to attend a Liam Browne Cacao Ceremony, you can do this in the days or weeks which follow. Ideally, you will either have experience of training and facilitating your own events or you will be highly enthusiastic about transforming. This is to help you in fully embracing the FULL POWER CACAO Ceremonies experience and to really give you more insight into how Cacao Ceremonies are facilitated by your mentor.

We welcome all your unique life experiences, they make you who you are.


FULL POWER HQ, Rhydlewis, Ceredigion, South West Wales.

Accommodation is glamping sharing with a one other. This truly amplifies the experience as you share and gather even deeper insights into the journey of becoming a Master of Ceremonies. Bell Tents will be allocated on arrival. If you are joining us with a friend, let us know and we can put you together.


We have an amazing, specialised Vegan Chef on-site and we are a fully Vegan experience, as we believe being on any sort of yogic path means veganism is extremely important for the evolvement of the process and your own progress. You will be provided with two, full, massive portioned meals a day and snacks will be available all weekend. We pride ourselves on being absolutely abundant and we have never had any one go hungry. This is all designed to propel and accelerate your experience.

If anyone has any allegies, PLEASE let us know when you book.

This is a vegan enviroment and we ask you to only consume vegan food during the Training and 3 days leading up to the training and after.


  • Ground-breaking experience
  • Expert training
  • Spiritual Cacao Ceremony Business training
  • Delicious vegan meals
  • Cold water therapy
  • Your forever tribe and community
  • All the training materials
  • After-training support
  • 30 day Tapas
  • Yoga every day
  • Nature walks
  • Meditation every day
  • Cacao all day everyday!!!!
  • And an additional guide to prepare your mind, body and heart for the training.
  • Graduates Ceremony
  • "Masters of Ceremonies" Cacao Facilitator Certificate

All the above for an investment of £888

You will be guided step by step and we are confident that by the end of the training, including the 30 day Tapas, you will be more than ready to host your own ceremonies. You will be invited to a Graduates Ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments and be fully prepared to share your gifts and love with friends, family and clients.

With the support of your mentors, new profoundly expansive tribe of graduates, you will be able to integrate what you have learned and start hosting ceremonies immediately on graduation. We will guide you into being ready to host groups.undly expansive tribe of graduates, you will be able to integrate what you have learned and start hosting ceremonies immediately on graduation. We will guide you into being ready to host groups.

You will be ready to dive into a transformational journey that will not only change your ceremony practices but help others open their heart centers through the power and magic of Lady Cacao?

The Cacao Training is non-refundable, non-transferable.

So please be 100% committed if you wish to attend.

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