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A fully woo woo but grounded nature loving earth keeper. I am in deep love and connection to source and the Divine light energy and love that is all around us and within us all.  I love tapping into  Multi-Dimensional high vibrational energy field to bring through profound healing, Soul Songs, the language of light, sacred dance, sacred sound and higher wisdom and knowledge to share and that is available to all.

I have access to great inner wisdom and knowledge  I have gained over lifetimes of, healing and transmuting my own pain and trauma and that of others into love, light and oneness.

 I channel healing energies through my higher self, Amora, over-lighted by a team of Seraphim Angels, Ascended Masters, and Celestial beings.  I offer these energies through powerful online healing sessions, workshops, colaborations and  ceremonies.

My work involves a profound connection with the divine and a deep commitment to assisting with the Ascension process raising vibrations and unity conciousness. My purpose is rooted in a deep and profound love for all beings, guiding them to align with their higher selves, higher purpose, and highest potential in this lifetime for the greater good of all.

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A nature lover and Earth healer, I live in wild west Wales, surrounded by sacred land, woodland, and a flowing river. My daily connection to nature allows me to embody the energies of higher realms, living life on a magic carpet. Blessed with a family and partner, Liam Browne, founder of Full Power Cacao, we dance in harmony, blending masculine and feminine energies to bring the healing power of sacred Cacao to the world.

My journey, though challenging, led me to the realisation that

I am the creator of my reality. Choosing self-love, healing, and compassion, I peeled away layers, nurtured my inner child, and developed true love and compassion. This journey unveiled powerful healing tools and inner wisdom, empowering me to guide others on their healing journey.

Through spiritual awakenings and recalling past lives, including prominent roles as a Priestess in ancient temples, I reclaimed my Divine Feminine power, gifts and talents. Through this love and light, I share my insights and support others in accessing their own infinite source of wisdom and knowledge.

I am a Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Master, Seraphim Healing Practitioner and Sound Healing Practitioner. Practitioner and teacher of Lemurian and Rose Reiki. A trained womb keeper and Healer of the 13th rites.


I have studied other modalities that enhance my offerings such as Bach flower remedies Level 1 & 2. I have a Diploma in Aromatherapy Oils, Herbs and Massage. I have studied my level 2 counseling, Mediumship and Card Reading level 2. One year Way of the Rose Priestess Training. Born Free Shamanic Training. 


My experience has been through my own healing journey and I have transmuted and healed a lot and have developed an excellent skill set. My higher self and guides have been my most powerful and transformational teachers and have taught me my own unique healing techniques and how to assist others in accessing their own. I draw on lifetimes of experience as being a healer, spiritual teacher and Priestess.

My healing team and guides have taught me how to heal multidimensionally, access Akashic records, Past life healing and how to access upgrades, downloads, gifts, skills and talents to those I am guided to share with and teach others to tap into their own inner wisdom, knowledge and unique soul codes.

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Embrace the transformative power of healing as we unveil our true, magnificent selves. Letting go of old habits and patterns, release traumas, forgive, and navigate through blockages into the light. Create space for a higher vibration, stepping onto the magic carpet of life where endless possibilities await. 

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