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Activate Your Powerful Inner Healer

Within each and everyone of us is a Powerful Inner Healer. This is a natural and active part of us that guides and calls us back into wholeness, and the truth of who we truly are.

Through wounding, trauma, lack of trust and illusion we have been pinching ourselves off from this inner knowing.

We are all on a journey back home to our source of greatness, powerful, all loving and magnificant.

It is through my own journey of Inner healing and transmuting deep pain and trauma for myself and others that I have gained the wisdom and experience to assist others with their journey. I have trained for life times and in my own healing process have gained back my rememberance and gifts skills and talents and it is my mission to assist others to recieve theirs too.


  • Intention - Intention is everything - We are asking for our powerful Inner Healer as we want things to progress and not get stuck in healing patterns. We want to feel, send love to ourselves and then transmute what needs healing back to light so we can use the wisdom and knowledge to expand.

  • Call In Assistance - Aks for your higherself, soul team and higher beings of light to support you or get assistance from others, we are on this planet together as one and althought this is deep inner work it is ok to recieve guidance with this.

  • Self Love - Be Kind and compassionate to yourself and others on your journey. You are doing your best with where you are at and that is ok. There is nothing you could have ever done where you soul family and angels are judging you or anyone else. They are loving us all back into alignment and we can do so too.

  • Forgive the self and others - Set yourself and everyone else free. It is the only way to truly heal. No one can ever harm another if they feel loved and lovable so it is only through love, forgiveness and compassion for ourself and others that we can heal and create a kinder and more loving word. We truly are all in this together.

  • Activate Your Healing Hands - Ask for your Healing team to send light, love and energy through your being and hands as a clear, pure channel of love for the highest good of yourself and others.

Much love and blessings and I would love to assist you on your healing journey or just send you love and blessings xx

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Yes, indeed. Be the truth of who you truly are; Peace, Love & Joy 🙏

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