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WELCOME Beautiful Souls

I am Paulina Amora Griffin of Amora Energy Healing. Through My I Am Presence I channel Love, Unity, High-Vibrational Energy Healing, Wisdom And Knowledge. My Purpose is to Assist With your Healing, Ascension, Connection and Higher Purpose in Love, light and Oneness.

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Paulina is a unique, pure, clear, Divine energy healing channel. These powerful healings can involve past life and Karmic clearing, soul readings and higher guidance, crystals, oils, and elixirs , Ceremonial Cacao, sound healing and light language that is called for by the individual soul.

Amora Energy Healing is multi dimensional and works on all levels throughout all time and space.  It clears, transmutes and balances the mind, body, emotional and energetic fields including the chakras, past life and soul retrieval. It aligns you with your Higher self, Connects you to the Divine, Fills your cells and energy field with pure love and light, leaving you in a state of bliss.


After seeing a post regarding Paulina and healing, I quickly booked an appointment for myself and a friend who had severe depression. After the session my friend seemed different, it was like a light switch had been flicked on. Such a steady gentle change happened and now we regularly fit sessions in and truly believe natural healings can connect you to a greater source.  All I can say is Paulina you really are the bridge between heaven and earth - we love you dearly.

Karen Ward.  Gatley, Stockport

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" Working with Paulina will connect you to a higher vibrational way of living and to the frequency of love, light & joy"

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